About Me

About Me

Photography sort of just happened in my life. I didn’t have a great interest in either pictures or art. Nor did a relative give me a camera while I was only 8. It’s only after my graduation and having faced the question, “What do I do now?”, that I soaked up the idea of becoming a photographer.

I grew up in Guwahati, India. A mid-sized city in north-east India where photography, as a profession was limited to clicking pictures at weddings. With time, I moved to New Delhi to study Photography at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. A year-long basic course, saw me get a break as a freelancer at the tabloid “Delhi Times”, of the reputed Times of India group, for a year. And I started shooting Bollywood celebrities and events.

At a time when Digital Photography was being debated over its long-term existence in India and the world over, I left my freelance job to learn the nuances of this medium under the guidance of my old mentor from JD Institute, Ranjan Sharma. He was, at that time, shooting in the digital medium. After being taught by him on the Digital format and advanced lighting for almost two years, I started freelancing again. This time for Marie Claire (India), Wisden Cricket and Hindustan Times Brunch. I also started shooting for advertising clients like Fyboges, Vanish, e-commerce clothing site Revolution and fashion designer Arpan Vohra.

In 2007, I got a job at New Delhi's biggest news daily Hindustan Times, as a Staff Photographer. My responsibilities included taking celebrity and lifestyle pictures for their Sunday magazine, HT Brunch.

After a five-year stint at Hindustan Times, I joined Fortune India as a Principal photographer. Out there, my responsibilities were to shoot story-based creative portraits of company CEOs & Managing Directors, creative Still-Life and Industrial shots of factories.

I left my job at Fortune India in March 2014 as a Special Photographer. By that time, I was fortunate enough to have worked full-time as a freelance photographer for a diverse set of clients like fashion designer Arpan Vohra , footwear sourcing companies Krsna International and Blue Feather shoes, advertising clients like Spicejet Airlines , Delhi Dynamos for Spicejet , Crocin , Heinz, National Geographic and Strengths Theatre School. I also shot yearbooks for Max India group.

Recently, I have started filming and my first music video for Gothenburg based band Sherikan Music Attraction has been released in the US in february 2016  and can be watched all over the world at youtube channel.

At present, I am based in Gothenburg (Sweden) and frequent India as and when work demands.


Awards and Accolades:

JD  Institute of Fashion - Achievement award 2005

Best Photo Journalist Awards at the Wills India Fashion Week 2010, 2011

Part of K C Kulish International Award 2011 for India Inspired story